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Greenpeace At It Again. Victims This Time, Adidas & Nike

Last month, an ad spoof from the tree hugging hippies at Greenpeace informed us that Volkswagen operates a Death Star that’s about to pulverize the earth with a giant laser beam. Now, the environmental advocates have set their sights on the evil sportswear people at Adidas and Nike, who are apparently hurting the planet with a combination of impressive athleticism, brightly hued clothing, and being so damn painfully hip. Also, they use suppliers in China that are polluting rivers there with chemicals that have “hormone-disrupting properties,” Greenpeace claims. Yikes. Don’t they get it? Adidas and Nike can’t stop using that stuff—the mutant power of the products is what transforms their buyers into totally gorgeous, superhuman, supertalented physical specimens. Without that, they’re nothing.
While we genuinely appreciate the attempt to mock Adidas’ A-lister-stuffed celebrity house party spot from a couple of years ago, we might suggest not making the people you’re trying to shame look like they’re having so much damn fun. Honestly, it makes us want to buy their stuff more, not less.
P.S.: Showing a graffiti artist using an aerosol can to spray paint your campaign logo onto a wall, even satirically, doesn’t exactly scream environmentally friendly.


The Handlebar Moustache Makes A Come Back – Thanks Heineken

Heineken Light continues its celebration of anachronistic personal style, and the unlikely times when it’s perfectly suited to the occasion, in this new spot from Wieden + Kennedy in New York. Previously, we had the guy in the snakeskin jacket whose ship came in when he attended a secret offshore charity snake-fighting event. This time, a guy with a handlebar moustache is transformed from social leper into ladies’ man, thanks to his altogether appropriate (and macho) performance in an old-timey bare-knuckle boxing match. The spots are entertainingly odd yet stylish at the same time. But here’s hoping the next installment isn’t about parachute pants.

As American As… Well, Jack Daniel’s

“As American As”
Agency: Arnold Worldwide
Client: Jack Daniel’s
Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat
Producer: Billy Near
Producer: Ben Ouellette
Art Buyer: Andrea Ricker
Business Affairs: Maria Rougvie
Project Management: Lauren Butterworth
Account Management: Paul Nelson, Nate Stewart, Shannon Coletti, Arden Clapp
Production Company: Prettybird

Levis Explodes Berlin’s Walls

Really. What’s a brand to do anymore? Every last tactic used to appear cool and hip and all connected and shit has been used. And used. And used. Over and over. And over again. And again. But, apparently, a good explosion is always worth a minute or two of your time. Or at least that what Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdamn thinks.

The agency, which hooked up with Portuguese artist Vhils, created murals of local artists on portions of the Berlin wall…and then blew them up…in, of course, slow motion.

All to sell a few pairs of jeans. Or something like that.