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Kinect & iPad Augmented Reality

Here is an interesting augmented reality 3D Video Experiment. It uses an Xbox Kinect to map the video data, then uses the String Augmented Reality SDK to display what looks and feels like 3D video on the iPad, activated by a QR code. Pretty cool yeah?

Well, if they’d mapped the person being recorded with 2-3 Kinect’s the video quality would have been a whole lot better, and you’d have been able to walk a complete 360 degree path around the QR code seeing seamless 3D video… I suspect we’ll see that demo shortly!

Created by Laan Labs. Via the new Saatchi London Blog


ToyToyota – Backseat Driver App

If you can see past the cheesy demo video, you’ll find the first project out of Toyota’s new brand,ToyToyota, which has been created to develop innovative projects that showcase the toy inside Toyota while delivering fun and happiness to both kids and parents.

It’s called the “Backseat Driver” an iPhone app that allows kids to join in the driving experience. The app allows kids to drive along the same road as they are currently travelling in the real world, by using the phones GPS to track and predict the road ahead. As kids make the correct turns and collect objects on the road, they’ll be given points that are redeemed for car virtual car upgrades.

The app also manages to integrate real world objects directly into the game as the user passes them in real life, by again using the GPS and related mapping data to identify key landmarks along any given route. I’m pretty sure this one will keep the kids entertained, and more importantly, quiet on just about and drive! What do you guys think? You can get it from the app store here.

Alienware Area 52 – Projection Mapping to the Max

I love projection mapping events. But, one of the things annoying me lately has been the constant “same same” of various installations from around the world, it’s like people cracked that perfect “wow” formula and stopped innovating. Sure, we’ve seen our fair share of really cool brand experiences lately, and there are always a few innovative ones too (I try to only post those!) like theTron Skateboarding one, the 360 degree room, the Sneaker projection, the Toyota Auris event, theRed Bull Snow projections and even the Xbox Kinect event.

So I was very excited to see this new 3D Projection Mapping Event from Alienware in Melbourne, Australia, which took a totally different spin on projection mapping, fusing together a very cool mix of real people, pyrotechnics, background and side projections in a physical space, with the entire experience focused around an object in the foreground. Very cool event. Thanks Nick!

Pitch to David Ogilvy – All New iPhone App

To celebrate David Ogilvy’s 100th birthday, Ogilvy have launched a fun iPhone app that allows any aspiring creative to pitch ideas via video call, straight to the great man himself. If you’re onto a good idea, you’ll know almost instantly, with praise from David Ogilvy among the rewards, but if not, and your idea sucks, he’ll let you know in no uncertain terms…

The app was crated by Ogilvy Asia / Ogilvy Digital Lab, and is available on the App Store for free. So download that and have a crack to celebrate David Ogilvy’s 100th birthday.